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33 Tattoos and Art is a family run tattoo and art gallery owned and operated by Ricky Sturdivant.  With over 18 years experience in tattooing and managing tattoo establishments he is known for his specialization in custom large-scale tattoos and paintings/drawings in various mediums.  He was an owner/operator at Artkore Tattoo from 2001 until 2013 when he opened 33 Tattoos and Art.

Ricky has had the privilege of working with civil servants and military on many memorial tattoos, and enjoyed the opportunity to teach and educate the community in the form of drawing classes at 33, teaching at local high schools,and conducting radio/television interviews on the importance of art programs for the young and old.  He has painted installation pieces in various local business’s, as well as mentored young artists in the community through various civic programs.

33 Tattoos and Art offers consultations and is booked by appointment only, insuring a clean, private, mellow atmosphere, with a focused artist.

Ricky is a family man, hits the gym early, and loves cross country motorcycle trips.  He looks forward to doing more guest spots at tattoo shops in the future during his travels, in the US and abroad.

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