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Dear friends,

Here we are, together, enjoying the drive that is burning us inside, inspired by all of you that are continuing to help support all that we do. We here at 33 are very humbled by the amount of interest in our shop, our travels, and wanting to get tattooed. Thank you for this.

We have been diligently working trying to get things in order for the next level of our planning to work with the community,  have art classes, and working to get things a little more organized when it comes to clientele and drawings for tattoos/appointments. One of these items was getting our internet sight in order to be able to communicate ideas, and opinions on a various amount of topics that we are inspired by and shared with. We like the idea of the blog based internet sight as the vehicle to help bring that to you and share with loyal and new interested people. We had a problem with the earlier version of our sight being hacked! It took a while, aaaaannnd a lot of help from my brother in law to help lump all of this madness together into an organized display. HA, you have no idea how scrambled my thoughts can sometime be, and the multitude of directions my mind will go in about 1/3 of a second. Ask my wife, she thinks it’s adorable. :} So here we are and here we go with some of the initial thoughts that we wanted to share as one of our first blogs. With all intention of there being many many more covering all kinds of thoughts.

I’m excited to have this interaction with all of you. We just wanted to touch base, say hello, and let you know to follow the links, check in, and mention that most posts’ will be made here. Included will be music we like,  photos of tattoos, traveling, motorcycle adventures, art in progress, projects in progress, and any other assortment of random madness that we want to share about our perspective of what is our so called reality.

Thank you all!

Loves and Hugs,

Ricky and Dre

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