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a few that are new, for you to view


Hello, Hellllooo, Helllllloooooo,

Another few days have gone by and we are still continuing on projects.  We took a few days off to go for a short ride to visit a friend and hang with another good buddy that has been with me through thick and thin for his birthday. Happy Birthday again brother. It was good to get out on the road and get lost a couple times, I’m pretty sure we stumbled upon some secret government alien base somewhere out in the middle of nowhere. I had just finished watching Stranger Things, which was amazing by the way, and my imagination ran wild. It felt like an eternity playing out this story in my head, about us getting stopped on the bike and held up by gun point by some dudes in black military outfits, then suddenly, the first pothole!, No joke thing had to be about 8-10 inches deep. Might not seem that big of a deal, unless your an insecure dude, or you’ve been on a motorcycle ride before, but, DDUUUHHAMMN! Throw in the loose gravel, the beautiful sunset that wants nothing more than to kick your eyes’ ass so much that you wont walk right ever again, and the realization that the back wheel is out from underneath you and reality sets in, reeeeeeaaaal quick! HA. These are the moments that help make life interesting, exciting and an adventure. Thanks to my wife, friends that help me steer clear of any kind of so called sane reality and enjoy new adventures every chance we get. Throw everything you’ve ever been taught or told how to live out the window and LIVE. We can do this!

So, Here are a few new photos just plain pumped about the way the lobby is turning out, we have installed the track lighting, and its a really cool place. I’ve found myself sitting in the middle of the room, no music, no distractions and enjoying the calming vibe that has been brought to life with the floor, walls, piano, and paintings.  Let us know what you think! Drop a line reply to us and feel free to share!

We hope you all nothing but happiness

…there is an eternal return is us all, and all around us, operating in cycles that begin anew as soon as they end.

33 Tattoos and Art

ram skull, oil, acrylic, charcoal, studio life

ram skull, oil, acrylic, charcoal, studio life

phoenix, cover up, in progress

phoenix, cover up, in progress


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