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“Iocane, I bet my life on it”

Whats up party people, currently have “Princess Bride” playing in the backround, I’ve lost count how may times we have seen this glorious creation, just wanted to drop in and say hello. Ya’ll seen this movie before? Let us know your favorite part, or quote.

How’s everyone doing? Hope all is well with all of you. We have been staying on course here at 33. We have been staying in contact with Bloomington High School Art department staff and have set up the first 3 classes/ starting in November, for the students of the art program. Pretty excited to sit with the students and go over some basic techniques and break into some more advanced ones as well. It will be good to get to meet and talk to them about their options in an art field and meet them and discuss ideas that they might have. super excited about it.  We will be looking for some models for at least one of the classes, possibly 2 of them. Let us know if you are interested in being involved. No nude modeling in the class for the students.

This is one of the steps on our long term goals and it is paving the way for the next steps towards classes to the public interest. It will include 18 and over classes. Please stay posted for that.

Been doing a lot of riding this year, we have 8,500 miles up to date this year and hopefully put a few hundred more before the snow starts falling. These are one of the songs that we get into listening on the road. Its a good one, and this band overall has some good music. We made a quick ride down to Louisiana to visit family. We had a really great time, it was good to be around family and have them show us around New Orleans. Went to Bourbon St. and a few other spots on Magazine St. the food was fantastic, the music by local artists on the corners was one of my favorite things to be a part of. We did use the opportunity to ride the bike down. Had decent weather, no rain, which when on a motorcycle is always a very very good thing. Although, its only water, typically you don’t melt. Had some bad directions on the first leg of the trip and it took us a bit longer to get out of Illinois than usual. Makes for a tiring interaction when that happens but the wind was in our favor regardless. Seen some pretty road and met some equally pretty people. Traveling brings out curiosity, and adventure and I think that vibe reverberates when meeting new people in new areas. Addicting, Perfunctory, Ingrained.

Well stay in touch, we will keep you updated and as always thanks for the support.


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