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33 Tattoos Art class/BHS Students

We were out this morning picking up some of the final supplies needed for the first of three art classes that will be for the Bloomington High School students. We are so excited to start the art class phase of our business goals. I will be going over some fundamentals of art, concepts to help integrate into the artistic process, answering questions about making art profitable, or a sustainable livelihood and how to expand. These topics will be divided into the three classes. SO PUMPED! We will be offering more adult oriented classes as well, stay tuned for the dates and accessibility details, they will include live model drawings, and art topics open to discussion. 

 My lovely wife has helped spearhead this entire project, and we can’t wait to have the students here at 33. 

For the parents of the students involved in the art classes, please feel free to come in and get a feel of the space and we are happy to meet you. Here is a visual, and the address is 801 with chestnut st suite d 309-750-3733 class starts at 5pm on November 18th, December 2nd, and December 9th. We are charging a student fee of $5 each class and all supplies will be provided, including snacks. Going to get them all sugared up and send them back home (enter maniacal lighter here). 

We are on the end of the building on the corner of Walnut and Allin. 

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