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Art class in prep

Rain schmain,  Here we are getting all of the drawing boards ready for tonight’s first class. Cut twice measure once or is it…the opposite?! My wife was schooling today on construction, I got owned!  Looking forward to tonight, we have all the snacks, and supplies set up. Can’t wait to share our space with all […]

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33 Tattoos Art class/BHS Students

We were out this morning picking up some of the final supplies needed for the first of three art classes that will be for the Bloomington High School students. We are so excited to start the art class phase of our business goals. I will be going over some fundamentals of art, concepts to help […]

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Hello, Looking forward to getting more pictures of this one when it’s all healed up. This week is going to be a very amazing week, and projects like these help take it to that level. Stay tuned for next batch of photos. Have a good day everyone !

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a few that are new, for you to view

Hello, Hellllooo, Helllllloooooo, Another few days have gone by and we are still continuing on projects.  We took a few days off to go for a short ride to visit a friend and hang with another good buddy that has been with me through thick and thin for his birthday. Happy Birthday again brother. It was […]

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Hello All, Been a few days since we’ve talked. How has everyone been? We are hoping well.  It has been very busy here for us. We are getting more of the shop finished. This is the Lobby/Gallery that we are in the last few phases of completing. We worked very hard on the over all concept, […]

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Dear friends, Here we are, together, enjoying the drive that is burning us inside, inspired by all of you that are continuing to help support all that we do. We here at 33 are very humbled by the amount of interest in our shop, our travels, and wanting to get tattooed. Thank you for this. […]

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Checking out the subscription option here.

I have attempted to add a “email me when 33Tattoos posts to their website” subscription option.  As Sam Jackson once said, “Hold on to yer butts.”

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