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33 Tattoos And Art

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Art class in prep

Rain schmain,  Here we are getting all of the drawing boards ready for tonight’s first class. Cut twice measure once or is it…the opposite?! My wife was schooling today on construction, I got owned!  Looking forward to tonight, we have all the snacks, and supplies set up. Can’t wait to share our space with all […]

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33 Tattoos Art class/BHS Students

We were out this morning picking up some of the final supplies needed for the first of three art classes that will be for the Bloomington High School students. We are so excited to start the art class phase of our business goals. I will be going over some fundamentals of art, concepts to help […]

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Hello, Looking forward to getting more pictures of this one when it’s all healed up. This week is going to be a very amazing week, and projects like these help take it to that level. Stay tuned for next batch of photos. Have a good day everyone !

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“Iocane, I bet my life on it”

Whats up party people, currently have “Princess Bride” playing in the backround, I’ve lost count how may times we have seen this glorious creation, just wanted to drop in and say hello. Ya’ll seen this movie before? Let us know your favorite part, or quote. How’s everyone doing? Hope all is well with all of […]

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Fundraiser November 4th

We are happy happy to let you all know that we have been asked to participate in a fundraiser for Stevenson Elementary School here in Bloomington Via Illinois Tattoo Co. and Chad Ramsay. He has asked several other tattoo atrtists to participate in the event. Thank you sir. On November 4th @ 5pm there will […]

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August 26, Womens’s Equality Day.

August 26, The date was selected to commemorate the 1920 certification of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution, granting women the right to vote. This was the culmination of a massive, peaceful civil rights movement by women that had its formal beginnings in 1848 at the world’s first women’s rights convention, in Seneca Falls, New […]

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Been assembling

Steady as she goes. Second session on this family themed sleeve. Photo is pretty fresh. Will post healed

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Here are a couple of pics from a tattoo I’m always happy to be working on. These pictures were taken right after the session. It’s such an indescribable sense of joy when someone Sais, “Here is this idea I’ve had for a while now, I want you to create it the way you see it.” […]

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a few that are new, for you to view

Hello, Hellllooo, Helllllloooooo, Another few days have gone by and we are still continuing on projects.  We took a few days off to go for a short ride to visit a friend and hang with another good buddy that has been with me through thick and thin for his birthday. Happy Birthday again brother. It was […]

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Bird of Prey/cover up

Here is a Tattoo I did late last week. I have been enjoying my clientele coming in with a general idea, we get together to discuss what it is they have interest in, and letting me have full reign over the Tattoo. It is a truly humbling experience! This tattoo is a cover up, Bird […]

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